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Terms of Use

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seven dreamers is a manufacturing distributor of medical equipment (Nastent), and participates in selling activities within Japan. Therefore, information about products and services on this site are posted based on the contents of various medical equipment approval regulations in Japan. (In foreign countries, there are cases in which the names, selling conditions, handling procedures, etc. of products could be different.)

Regarding Information Handling

Information sent to this site or seven dreamers is not treated as confidential information (however, personal information is protected by the Privacy Policy of this site). Furthermore, seven dreamers does not assume any obligation to refrain from duplicating, publishing, or using this information no matter the purpose or method. seven dreamers shall be able to freely use all contents of information sent to us (including ideas, inventions, concepts, technology or know-how) for the purposes of manufacturing, marketing, etc. Additionally, this includes disclosure to production and development related partners.
Those who send information to this site or seven dreamers will bear the responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information contained in its contents.
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