Seven Dreamers Spirits

Shin Sakane

President & CEO

Shin Sakane    Doctor of Science

1999Completed his doctoral program (Ph.D.) in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware
1999Received the Glenn Skinner Award for Excellence at the same university
2000I.S.T Corporation Managing Director
2002I.S.T Corporation Senior Managing Director
2003I.S.T Corporation CEO
2008Super Resin Inc. President
2010Resigned as CEO of I.S.T Corporation
2011seven dreamers laboratories, inc. President & CEO
2011Ningbo Super Resin, Inc. Chairman
2014seven dreamers laboratories co. President & CEO
Tsuyoshi Ozaki

Managing Director, Robotics Division Manager, Ph.D. in Engineering

Tsuyoshi Ozaki

1988Completed his doctoral program (Ph.D. Engineering) in the Department of Engineering at the University of Tokyo
1989Mitsubishi Electric Co. Materials Research Institute
2000Mitsubishi Electric Co. Advanced Technology Research Institute, Group Manager of Composite Materials
2009Composite Engineering Inc. President & CEO
2009Super Resin Inc. Advisor and Director of Research and Development
2013seven dreamers laboratories, Inc. Robotics Director
2014Super Resin Inc. Managing Executive Officer
2014Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE Japan), Vice Chairman
2015Japan Society for Composite Materials, First Vice President
Hisashi Tanda


Hisashi Tanda

1988Graduated Ritsumeikan Univ. Faculety of Science & Technology, Dept. of Chemistry
1989I.S.T. Corporation Basic research and development
1992I.S.T. Corporation Product development manager
1996I.S.T. Corporation Kami production factory Production Manager
2007I.S.T. Corporation Corporate planning
2010Super Resin Corporate planning Director
2011Ningbo Super Resin COO
2013seven dreamers laboratories, Inc. administration director
2014seven dreamers laboratories,. Inc. Corporate officer General Administration
Masahiro Koezuka

Outside Corporate director

Masahiro Koezuka

1974Graduated Tokyo Univ. Faculty of Law
1974Joined Ministry of International Trade & Industry(present at METI)
2002Deputy General maneger of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
2003Cabinet Secretatiat
2005Director-General, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau
2006Director-General, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau
2007Commissioner, Japan Patent Office
2009Fujitsu Ltd. Senior Adviser
2010Fujitsu Ltd. Chief Strategy Officer/CSO
2010Fujitsu Ltd. Senior Managing Executive Officer /CSO
2013Fujitsu Ltd. Corporate Executive Vice President/CSO
2013Fujitsu Ltd. Vice Chairman/CSO
2016Fujitsu Ltd. Corporate Executive Officer
Takayuki Ueda

Outside Corporate Auditor

Takayuki Ueda

1980Graduated Tokyo Univ. Faculty of Law
1980Joined Ministry of International Trade and Industry (General affairs of Japan patent office )
1986Studied abroad at Washington Univ.
1992Minister’s Secretariat of Policy Planning and Coordination Division
1994Special assistant to director general of Asia Pacific Economic Corporation
2002Counselor, Cabinet secretariat
2005Minister’s Secretariat for Manufacturing industries bureau (Policy coordination)
2008Deputy Director General for Energy and Environment
2010Director-General for Policy Planning and Coordination
2011Director-General for Manufacturing Industries Bureau
2012Director-General for Trade Policy Bureau
2013Director-General, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
2015Vice Minister for International Affairs
2016Special Advisor to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Masanori Nishi

Senior Adviser

Masanori Nishi

1978Graduated Tokyo Univ. Faculty of Law
2004Director, Naha Defense Facilities Bureau
2006Director-General, Technical Research And Development Institute
2009Director-General, Finance and Equipment Bureau
2011Director-General, Defense Policy Bureau
2013Vice-Minister of Defense