Seven Dreamers (official name: seven dreamers laboratories inc.; head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Shin Sakane), a technology group dedicated to creating totally novel, world-first products, today announced that Seven Dream- ers Europe S.A.S., a wholly owned subsidiary based in France, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Neuwirth Medicare GmbH for the sale in Germany of its Nastent Classic nasal cavity insertion device. Product sales were launched in Germany through Neuwirth Medicare in March 2018.
Developed by Seven Dreamers, Nastent is a silicon tube-shaped medical device that is inserted into the nose. Sales were launched in France and the Netherlands from June 2017, and with this agreement with Neuwirth Medicare, Germany became the third country outside Japan in which Nastent is available.
The Seven Dreamers Group will continue its efforts to make Nastent broadly available throughout the world by adding further sales channels, and to maintain an environment for ensuring the safe use of Nastent.

About Neuwirth Medicare
Neuwirth Medicare provides a serious expertise in diagnosis of snoring and sleep apnea with more than 10 years of experi- ence after launching Apneagraph, WatchPAT and SleepView with NMP Neuwirth Medical Products GmbH. For operative solutions for snorers and sleep apnea patients in the ENT business a close collaboration with SUTTER Medizintechnik and their radiofrequency technology (RaVoR) was achieved since 2004 and set the base for a very successful network in Germa- ny. This company was founded in 2001 by the managing director, Bernhard Neuwirth. Because of this tremendous experi- ence in both diagnostic and treatment options for snorers and sleep apnea patients Mr.Neuwirth has the strong believe a device like nastentTM is an ideal solution for those desperate patients seeking for a minimal invasive strategy.

French subsidiary of Seven Dreamers
Firm name : Seven Dreamers Europe
Founded : January 3, 2018
Representative : Olivier Fourcade
Office : 27 avenue de l’opéra, 75001 PARIS France
Capital : €750,000
Investment : seven dreamers laboratories, inc. 100%

About seven dreamers laboratories, inc.
Seven Dreamers is a technology group dedicated to creating totally novel, world-first products. Its first project was the use of an original 3D measurement system to manufacture totally order-made carbon golf shafts. Its second project was the development of nastent, a tube-shaped medical device that is inserted into the nasal passage to aid breathing during sleep by preventing obstruction of the airway. For its third project, Seven Dreamers developed Laundroid as the world’s first fully automatic laundry folding robot.

Head office : 1-4-28, Mita, Minato, Tokyo
President & CEO : Shin Sakane
Capital : JPY 7.7 billion (including capital reserve)
Website : www.sevendreamers.com/en

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seven dreamers laboratories inc. Public Relations Dept. (Saho / Maruyama) 
TEL|03-6453-7018 Email|press@sevendreamers.com

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