– Technologists, creating what the world has never seen –

『For people who take challenges seriously』

There are many countries & companies who want to become innovators, but
entities with real innovation are extremely rare.

What is true innovation?
We think true innovation involves the creation of something that doesn’t exist, meaning creating “1” from “0”.
When dealing with challenging themes,
the more opposite opinions you encounter such as “ that is impossible to accomplish” the more attractive the theme becomes.

By overcoming difficult times and countless errors with a passionate mind towards success, will you only then be able to create
something that the world has never seen before.
This journey towards overcoming challenges is what makes innovations.

If seven dreamers ever thinks about imitating or impersonating other people`s thoughts or products for profit, it is then that the
company called seven dreamers will cease to exist.

What you can imagine, can & will become true.
To become world`s #1 innovative company.

PresidentShin Sakane
Shin Sakane